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Product quality control parquet

wood plastic

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2.4.1 Selection of raw materials 1) the surface layer of material selection parquet surface layer is very strict, both have a very good decoration, but also have a relatively high hardness, density and dimensional stability, therefore, face layer is typically chosen hardwood, common species are maple, Balsamo, rosewood, walnut, teak oak, ash and birch. Surface species of colors, patterns and decorative properties are often salient features parquet. In principle, no matter what kind of surface material, must be screened to remove insects, dead knots, cracks, decay and other defects in the wood to be processed, it is a complex and increases the cost of the process.

2) three-layer parquet core metal material selected as three parquet core , usually made from pine, poplar, fir wood, mainly because of its texture is slightly soft, economical and practical resources can quickly regeneration, which not only can improve wood flooring foot feeling, but appropriate control costs, relatively easy to process. Meanwhile, core board material requirements using the same or similar material timber to ensure the relative stability of product quality.

3) Select substrate as a base layer parquet, usually made of high quality plywood. Plywood should not have died festival, cracking, delamination and other defects, otherwise it will affect the performance and appearance quality, also affect the products integrated life.

2.4.2 Adhesive quality adhesive directly affect product quality and environmental indicators parquet, in the choice of adhesive must meet the performance requirements of wood glued between layers, while the adhesive itself and processed into products formaldehyde release shall meet the national mandatory standards.

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