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Bamboo flooring will give birth to worm?

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Опубликовано 30 Апрель 2015 - 01:21

Some consumers want to install non slip deck material, but still a little concern: Bamboo will vermin, bamboo flooring would you? Bamboo without special treatment, since it contains a lot of sugar, bamboo, bamboo glue, so prone to insects. As for the bamboo flooring will vermin, still have to look at the manufacturer's processing technology. Some flooring manufacturers in the production process through a rigorous sterilization processes, such as adding the right amount of insects and mildew, fluoro-phenol mixture and cook for 6-8 hours, after a rigorous process of carbonation. Bamboo flooring is not like vermin.

The so-called carbonation, the principle is the high strength pvc ceiling lamp exposed to high temperatures, high pressure environment, so bamboo organic substances such as sugar, starch, protein denaturation decomposition, so that fungi and other insects lose nutrient sources, but will also bamboo in eggs fungus killed. Bamboo by high temperature, high pressure after the bamboo fiber coking become bronze, brown or similar. After the surface hardness of carbonized bamboo also enhanced doubled. So buy bamboo flooring is best to pick through the carbonization process. Share articles you may be interested in: What is bamboo flooring? Detailed buy bamboo flooring bamboo flooring bamboo flooring tips in two colors which is better? Bamboo flooring can be used to heat the floor it? Consumers buy bamboo flooring needs to pay attention to what the problem? Experts teach you how to buy high quality bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring dry sizing process: bamboo rough shaped by mildew, corrosion treatment after a very high moisture content must be dried and kiln dried. Drying quality will directly affect the quality of bamboo flooring. Better drying temperature should be between 40-75 ℃, the moisture content of dried bamboo should be preferably between 14% and 16%. The dried bamboo moulders were surrounded by first planed finish, then glue = surface due to the organizational structure of environmentally friendly wall board and wood are different, the surface wettability is poor, so bamboo flooring with urea-formaldehyde glue should be better Run moist. Meanwhile, the glue may be appropriate to add revolves Jing in some extenders and fillers, can increase the degree of early gum revolves, but also on the same bamboo layers of tiny hot air from filling the role of enhanced layer after curing toughness.

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